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Clinical Case Studies,  MCAT, PCAT and OAT practice questions discussed during each classroom session.

Our experienced physicians and scientists are here to help you with clinical correlations, better way to solve questions and provide students with the confidence to become our future doctors and nurses!


Our courses are administered by live instructors – we never teach using pre-recorded videos

Interactive SESSIONS

Students get an opportunity to ask questions, and get feedback from instructors 


In addition, students get dedicated office hours for access to the instructors


Real-life clinical case studies by our team of physicians for better understanding of the subject for the students


Solve MCAT and similar examination questions with instructors to gain confidence as you prepare for tests

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Topics and Sessions

Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins—2


Nonenzymatic Protein Function and Protein Analysis—1

Clinical aspects of Protein and Enzyme functions—1

Carbohydrate Structure and Function—1

Lipid Structure and Function—1

DNA and Biotechnology—2

RNA and the Genetic Code*—2

Clinical aspects of DNA RNA and Genetic code—1

Biological Membranes—1

Carbohydrate Metabolism I: Glycolysis, Glycogen—1

Gluconeogenesis, and the Pentose Phosphate Pathway

Carbohydrate Metabolism II: Aerobic Respiration—1

Clinical aspects of carbohydrate chemistry and metabolism—1

Lipid and Amino Acid Metabolism—1

Clinical aspects of lipid metabolism—1

Bioenergetics and Regulation of Metabolism—2

Clinical aspects of Bionergetics and Regulation of Metabolism—1

The Cell—1


Embryogenesis and Development—2

The Nervous System—4

The Endocrine System—2

The Respiratory System—1

The Cardiovascular System—2

The Immune System—3

The Digestive System—2


The Musculoskeletal System—1

Genetics and Evolution—1

Biology and Behavior—2

Sensation and perception—1

Learning and Memory—4

Psychological disorders—1

Our Team

Meet our Scientists and Physicians – they are here to make you reach your career goals in health and life sciences.

Dr. Sounick Haldar

DuxVitae Advisor for Healthcare Career 

M.D., M.Sc. (U.S.A.), Internal Medicine (WRK. EXP.), Clinical Pathology 

Dr. Sounick Haldar is a physician with experience in Internal Medicine as well as Clinical Pathology. He had worked as the Deputy Director of Medical Laboratory for 2 years at a Federally Qualified Health Center in Alabama, US. Prior to his Residency training, he had completed Master of Science (M.S.) in Biology with his thesis related to Molecular Biology and Neuroscience. He has also worked as a Visiting Associate Research Scientist at the prestigious Yale University. He has received numerous awards for his research work. He has taught Anatomy & Physiology to pre-med and pre-nursing students at Texas Woman’s University.

Dr. Leepika Sabnavis

BioChemistry Instructor

Research Scientist

Dr. Leepika Sabnavis is a Research Scientist at Rice University and an Adjunct Faculty at the Lone Star community college. Prior to her engagement with Rice University, she was a Medical Center Fellow at Georgetown University. She has received her PhD degree in Genetics, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology from Virginia Tech. She will be teaching Biochemistry and Genetics as part of DuxVitae’s Pre-Med coaching curriculum. Leepika has authored several publications and is the recipient of the patent titled “Hydroxy- and dicarboxylic -fat synthesis by microbes”.

Dr. Barnita Haldar

Biology Instructor

Medical Scientist

Dr. Barnita Haldar is a medical scientist with an MD-PhD degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She received her PhD degree from the University of South Alabama. She is a physician scientist specializing in acute respiratory disease and prehospital medicine and is currently working as the co-principal investigator of the EMS Pandemic Response Research Lab. , sponsored by the Health Advocacy and Medical Exploration Society, Inc. In addition, she works as a Research Scientist at the Nano-Bio-Medicine laboratory of South East Missouri State University.

She is the recipient of several awards including best presentation award by American Physiological Society.